Take a look at some great photos of our trainers with our clients.  In many photos you can see the smiles and excitement on the faces of our happy clients and trainers. That’s what we’re all about at Personal Trainer Carmel Indiana a Division of EFS Indy, helping you reach your goals, enjoying life in the process and enabling you to make the right choice to live a happy and healthier life.



We provide top-notch service to our clients.  Check out some of the rav reviews of one of our lead trainers, Pat Charette.  These experiences, short stories and reflections say a lot about Pat, our team and the entire family here at Personal Trainer Carmel Indiana a Division of EFS Indy – they really do speak for themselves!

Shoutout to EFS Indy! Just finished up my second week with Pat and EFS Indy! Working with Pat is making getting back into shape suuuuper easy! He’s helped me accomplish what would have taken me months and months and lots of excuses in just weeks!He comes to my house and guides me through workouts with lots of thought and intention! Northside friends, if you’re looking to jumpstart your fitness goals, I would highly recommend Pat and EFS Indy!

Emily, 34

Just a quick note to thank you for everything you have done while bringing an amazing change to my lifestyle. Best Personal Trainer around. My boyfriend and I worked with Pat for both personal training and for nutritional coaching.  We live healthier lives now and I actually enjoy exercising. It was a major lifestyle change for the better for both of us.

Misty, 28

{Referring to Pat’s ability to carry out virtual personal training sessions}
Patrick has brought a routine right into our living room that has kept my wife and I both committed to the improvements we experienced from our regular routines at the studio. At our age, we can see and feel the simple benefits in our posture, balance, and stamina. It is certainly helping us to endure the isolation.
Carl, Age 70

Best trainer. Pat (the Arms) is EXCELLENT! Great workouts that he personalizes for your individual ability. Instructs, demonstrates and encourages. Even reminds me to breathe. Can’t recommend him enough!

Rose-Ann, 61

Being that I’m on the road working from Monday-Thursday, working out with Pat virtually has helped me to maintain a routine, be more committed to working out despite traveling every week, and has ultimately given me more energy throughout the day. Thanks Pat!

Jessica, 51

Just 3 weeks into your dietary advice and I already feel like a new man! 

“Wake up with water, coffee, greens in that order.” AND “80/20 – give yourself grace.” 

You’re a guru

Evan, 28

Pat’s knowledge, expertise, and passion for fitness and nutrition keep me motivated to achieve my fitness goals.  Pat constantly varies exercises using different techniques along with different equipment and stretches.  He ensures I am using proper techniques and his positive and motivational approach keep me on track.  Pat has helped me improve my strength, flexibility and increase my endurance.  Pat has also provided nutrition guidance which along with workouts have resulted in lost inches and body fat with increase in muscle.  Now, not only do I enjoy goal-stretching hiking trips, but I am wearing clothes I haven’t been able to wear for 3 years!  My doctor has noted these results as well.  I am pleased with my progress and feel encouraged to strive to meet my fitness goals.  I never thought I would enjoy working out so much.  In fact I look forward to it!

Debbie, 54

I cannot say enough nice things about Elite fitness systems coaches. They are personable, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I can’t recommend them enough. I started off with the personal training and didn’t even realize they offer nutritional training and lifestyle coaching at first.  After 2 months with Pat I learned more about the other services and within the last 6 months I’ve taken advantage of the full package so my diet and nutrition is much better these days. Thanks so much Pat and Team,  I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you guys. YOU GUYS ROCK!!

Mike, 32

I have been working with Pat for a year and a half. He asked me from the beginning what my goals were. I was struggling with an impingement in my shoulder and knee pain from years of running. Within 6 months I had full range of motion in the shoulder. Through strength training I have been able to manage my knee. Pat always begins our sessions by asking how my body feels. He designs my workouts around my aches and pains. He always has a positive attitude and encourages me when I am not feeling it. I still struggle with my relationship with food. Pat’s advice in that area has been the best I’ve gotten. And he is a good friend!

Kerry, 54


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