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Personal Trainer of Carmel Indiana a Division of EFS Indy’s team is committed to motivating you every step to help you achieve your fitness, personal, and lifestyle goals. Our services range from personal training, nutritional consulting, lifestyle coaching, or any combination of all of these. Proven results come from us choosing the best coach that fits your needs and goals. We will meet you wherever you feel comfortable and provide you with the best plans to drastically improve your life and help you implement healthy practices with actionable feedback. Our specialists are sensitive and understanding to the things that may have held you back in the past involving personal training or nutritional consulting. Our programs will keep your past endeavors in mind while pushing you to test your limits. We formulate your personal training programs in Carmel Indiana based on your individual needs. Not only do we create a results-driven personal training plan we will also help you to align in the other areas of your life including lifestyle and nutrition. We ensure all trainers are certified and knowledgeable. Our trainers have the NASM-CPT certification, which only approximately 10-15% of trainers have because it’s the most comprehensive and most challenging exam to pass and is proof of our knowledge in the field.

Experts in Personal Training, Nutritional Consulting & Lifestyle Coaching

A roster of experts across various wellness categories who motivate you to be your best

You say when and where, and your personal and fitness coach will be there

Achieve personal, nutritional, and lifestyle goals that are most important to you

The major key to success in health & fitness is your attitude and effort



Personal Trainer Carmel Indiana a Division of EFS Indy provides the most experienced personal trainers. They offer the support and guidance you need to stay persistent and meet your individual goals. We save you years of trying to figure out what exercise routines will give you the results you are looking for.


Our nutritional coaching starts with analyzing your relationship with food. Then we can start to build healthy lifelong eating habits. Our team knows what foods will fuel your body. Implementing our nutrition plans will help you to feel more awake and energized.


Our lifestyle coaching helps you excel towards your goals in fitness, life, and business or other areas that you wish to improve. We empower you to define these goals and build a concrete plan for you to achieve them. You will get the extra support you need to achieve a healthy balance throughout your life’s ups and downs.




National Academy Of Sports Medicine (NASM)


Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)


Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC)

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Client Testimonials

Shoutout to Personal Trainer Carmel Indiana! Just finished up my second week with Pat! Working with Pat is making getting back into shape suuuuper easy! He’s helped me accomplish what would have taken me months and months and lots of excuses in just weeks! He comes to my house and guides me through workouts with lots of thought and intention! Northside friends, if you’re looking to jumpstart your fitness goals, I would highly recommend Pat and Personal Trainer Carmel Indiana!

Emily, 34

I spoke with Patrick on May 28th and he listened to the things I wanted to improve. Mainly tone up and lose weight. My goal was 150, and I’m already down 6 lbs. So very pleased with Patrick and his encouragement. He helped me with my discipline when it came to meal plans and exercises. He is most definitely the bomb. I would love to continue when the pandemic calms down and I am back to work. Thanks Pat!

Dana, 40

{Referring to Pat’s ability to carry out virtual personal training sessions}
Patrick has brought a routine right into our living room that has kept my wife and I both committed to the improvements we experienced from our regular routines at the studio. At our age, we can see and feel the simple benefits in our posture, balance, and stamina. It is certainly helping us to endure the isolation.
Carl, 70


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